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By Edward Butler on Mar 23, 2024

These attorneys are the best in the area. They are prompt, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable as well as professional. I would recommend them to all my friends and family. Great people to do business with.

By Marc Romo on Jan 29, 2024

Jennifer Ashley is a blessing. She was responsive, patient, and caring and made the whole process less stressful.

By Tiara Booker on Jan 21, 2024

Joe is the Best Attorney !!! he worked very hard on my case he even got me back more then what I expected . He was always very Friendly .Knowledgeable and very efficient with my case . I appreciate and it was a pleasure working with you Joe . If ever injured please reach out to Salvi & Maher you will definitely leave satisfied !

By Jacquilla Hester on Jan 21, 2024

It was a pleasure working with Joe on my case. Everyone I spoke with, whether it was calling in to ask a question or be transferred to someone else, were very welcoming. I thank this firm and Joe for taking on my case and getting the settlement I was deserving of!

By John James on Jan 21, 2024

Salvi & Maher have handled two of my personal injury cases and have done more than I could ever ask for. They constantly showed enthusiasm throughout the case and a willingness to win no matter what. Thank you, Salvi & Maher!!

By Ellynsz on Dec 28, 2023

Hi, I would like to recommend Salvi & Maher Law firm. I was scared to consult a law firm because I was not familiar with lawyers. I had been hit by a drunk driver that had injured my body as well as wrecked a huge portion of my car. A friend looked them up for me and we went for consultation to understand my rights for compensation for my damage. Salvi & Maher have been understanding and knowledgeable in handling my case and soothed my anxiety from this horrible ordeal. Kathy was/is a gem as she was not only professional and knowledgeable but has a kind mother's heart that reaches her clients with kindness that you don't see in any business or establishment anymore. Overall my experience with this firm and all it's people was a good one as they were all helpful and understanding as my case unraveled. I would suggest that anyone not hesitate to give them a call for consultation.

By Stacy Alicea on Dec 28, 2023

There is a reason Salvi & Maher is a 5 star law firm. Joe Salvi is great, he has excellent communication with you and explains everything to you in great detail. Kathy Salvi fights and gets you the best settlement that is possible. I would recommend Joe and Kathy everytime. Thank you very much for all your hard work and time on my case. You've done a great job. Definitely the law firm for you.

By Heather Korczak on Dec 28, 2023

Super happy with the result of working with Joesph Salvi and the Salvi and Maher team! They knew all of the various deadlines involved in my case and made sure that my best interest was being taken into consideration. They are very professional and helpful when explaining various legal processes too. Would recommend!

By Colleen Berg on Dec 28, 2023

I was in a car accident last year March. The man I hit ran his red light. The accident did quite a bit of damage to the car and myself. Joe Salvi had to do quite a bit of arguing and negotiating with the at fault driver's insurance company. He never gave up. He was absolutely wonderful. Joe was kind enough to check in with me regularly to both update me and check to see how my treatments were going and how I was feeling. Joe remained solid, calm and confident through all the negotiating he had to do; this included my car insurance Co, my medical insurance, my chiropractor, my acupuncturist, my myofascial Dr and the at fault driver's insurance co. Joe offered solid helpful advice the whole way through. I could not be more happy with his work and honest concern for his clients well-being. I highly recommend Attorney Joe Salvi for your personal injury needs.

By Elan School Mark Babitz on Dec 28, 2023

Salvi & Maher are the best very forward and honest, totally there for you. Al Salvi's Son Joe was a pleasure to work with, He recovered a very large some of money for me with very little problems, He told me what he needed and I was there. Joe and Avi made me feel real comfortable and that they had everything under control and they did my case was settled in less than a year. I Thank all of them so much.

By Jay H on Dec 28, 2023

I have had the honor and pleasure of working recently with Joseph Salvi on an Injury Case, resulting from a serious Auto Accident with an Uninsured Motorist. Joe's calm nature and patience with me, in ALL aspects of my case and concerns, were Paramount in keeping our communication pleasurable. He takes his time to explain the legal processes and expected or possible outcomes. This is not my first time dealing with the Salvi Family of Attorneys. They set a high expectation for years of service to myself and family members. And Joe meets that high level of service! He can and did obtain the most ideal results in my Medical Injury Case. My highest regards to Joe! He is an excellent Attorney! You can count on him! Thank you Joe, and the Salvi & Maher staff!

By prettyshinybright on Dec 28, 2023

My name is Mary V .I found them in the phone book. 5 star service! They understood that my injuries were a huge deal to me &assessed the case and got back to me promptly.No money$ was required up front which was a relief! Joe Salvi was respectful when calling and spoke in a kind voice,he was helpful and returned emails quickly,which felt like he was really helping me when I had nowhere to turn.The staff was also nice. I could fill out and sign forms online too.I would recommend Salvi and Maher to anyone no matter how big or small your case may be! They got the result I was hoping for.They care !!

By Breaun Grover on Dec 28, 2023

From beginning to end Salvi& Maher have been extremely helpful and diligent in working on my case. The process and any update was thoroughly explained, and any question or clarification was relayed in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend!

By Katie on Dec 28, 2023

Incredibly impressed with Salvi & Maher. I was rewarded more money than I anticipated and I am so grateful that my attorneys had my best interest throughout my case. I would recommend this law firm to all my friends and family!!

By Marcy Lucht on Dec 28, 2023

I'm happy with the results I got in my case. Salvi law firm asked me what happened and it went smooth and I didnt feel like I was on trial. Everything that would come up was explained to me in the fullest. Salvi law firm stayed in touch with me and if I had questions they were easy to contact. Thank you Joe

By Rie Rie on Dec 28, 2023

I was in need of a law firm that would be able to help get my medical bills paid. Kathy Salvi went the extra mile, she fought hard took my calls, returned my calls promptly. Numerous court appearances Kathy stood our ground. This law firm is family, people who care and will be on your side. Many thank yous to Kathy Salvi, Albert Salvi, and Joe Salvi, and David Salvi. The family will fight on your behalf! Excellent hardworking caring family.

By Kent C. on Sep 19, 2023

Es Verdad que Salvi & Maher se hablan español, pero I really didn't like the way they are supportive of lying dispositions in regard to alphabetically inclined persons reaching negitoations I wazn't able to properly diagnose the circumstances in which my consultation wasn't made.

By Ray Dominguez on Aug 03, 2023

I definitely recommend they got me the most out of my settlement, kept in contact and very polite and good ethic

By Patty Escobedo on Apr 05, 2023

I talked to a very nice guy that works for the firm name John and he was a very big help just an all around nice guy so if your looking for a good lawyer give them a call 🙂

By Nayla Walker on Apr 02, 2023

They were able to help me achieve a sense of pease and justice after my auto accident, always responding in a timely manner, and being courteous.